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Dustless Sanding and Refinishing Myths

Dustless refinishing has several advantages over traditional methods. However, clients need to understand that all refinishing techniques are not perfect. This means they need to watch out for some of the myths about dustless refinishing.


1. Dustless = Dust Free. Dustless floor refinishing minimizes the dust generated when working on wood floors. However, this does not mean the process is 100% dust free. The process will generate some dust. However, it will remain at a manageable and even unnoticeable level.

2. Dustless Refinishing Works On Everything. Dustless refinishing works great for majority of wood floors. However, if the damage is too deep or too expansive, traditional sanding may be required.

3. Floors Need to Be Refinished Every 2-3 Years. If a refinishing project is done right, a floor will not require sanding or refinishing for a period of 10-20 years. In relation to this, dustless refinishing actually extends the life of hardwood floors.


The fact is, hardwood floors naturally get cracks and holes over time. Whenever the floor is sanded, some of the dust accumulates in those cracks. If they are not vacuumed properly, the putty used to seal the cracks will adhere to the dust. This means when the dust gets dislodged, so will the putty; thus exposing the holes of the floor boards. Dustless floor refinishing prevents this from occurring.

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