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Top 12 Hardwood Trends for 2016: (Bonus!)

What’s Dated and on the Decline for Hardwood in 2016

hardwood with red tones

  • Reds – Reds and cherries seem to be very polarizing and only a minority of the population tends to like these (maybe 10-20%). Browns are much more stylish and much easier to coordinate.
  • Shiny and Semi gloss finishes – Again very dated, and not very practical. The shinier the floors, the more they show the dirt, scratches and dents more. So, it requires more cleaning and it’s often you need to refinish the floors faster.
  • parquet flooringParquet – Most people will acknowledge this is a very dated look. It also tends to make your room look smaller. I’m referring to the cheaper parquet that you often see in apartments with concrete subfloors. Note: there are some super premium high end parquet, especially in older homes with custom marquetry. If you’ve ever had the pleasure of seeing them, you will know that “they just don’t make them like that anymore.” We’ve had the pleasure of refinishing some of those floors from the early 1900’s and they are stunning!

westchester bamboo flooring species westchester

  • Bamboo – In my opinion this seems to be a fad which has run its course. Bamboo just does not hold up well – to water or foot traffic. They tend to be a cheaper alternative to hardwood and most can not be refinished, so they really aren’t very sustainable.

Bamboo seems to have gained popularity from cheaper big box stores, and most are made in China and many have a lot of adhesive and may have high levels of formaldehyde. Customers are getting smarter and realizing this. Generally, these products are bought by 1st time homeowners for apartments and starter homes. The 60 Minutes investigation on Lumber Liquidators exposed a lot of issues among the cheaper wood flooring and composites, especially those made in China.

  • Brazilian Cherry and other exotic woods – Most of these are reds or have red undertones and the colors are a bit dated and polarizing. They are more challenging to decorate with. They also tend to show scratches more. We’ve had many requests, especially in higher end homes to refinish these floors and “drown out the reds.” These were really popular 10-15 years ago, but the combo of customers wanting to buy more “made in USA” products and color trends towards browns and cool tones, these seem to be in the decline, especially among higher end households.
  • Pegged hardwood, bevel edges and multi-width planks – Pegged floors are out as they look dated and add clutter to the floor. Many of these woods have large beveled edges which not only look old fashioned, but also collect dirt.

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