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Hardwood: The Healthier Choice from Mother Nature.

When it comes to choosing a floor covering for your building project, consider the many benefits of hardwood. In today’s fast paced world, better health and a cleaner living environment are important.

Hardwood flooring will not trap dirt like carpet. Instead it provides a cleaner environment because it does not collect allergens or dust. It will be a relief to know that your family is living in a healthier home; one that is eco-friendly and was exclusively created by Mother Nature.

Which species?

Wood floors are available in a number of popular species, both domestic and exotic.

For further information, and pictures of each species, please click each image below.

Red Oak

red oak Hardwood Flooring


Hardwood Flooring Installation


American cherry wood flooring

Brazilian Cherry

brazilian cherry wood flooring


Hardwood Floor Contractors


Big Ass Wood Floors


Hardwood Floor Contractors


Bamboo Flooring


Hardwood Floor Contractors


Select and Better - Maple

Maple Exclusive Hardwood Floor

#1 Common/Exclusive - Maple

Maple Exclusive Hardwood Floor

#2 Common/Traditional - Maple

maple traditinal hardwood floor

Select and Better - Red Oak

traditional flooring Hardwood

#1 Common/Exclusive - Red Oak

traditional flooring Hardwood

#2 Common/Traditional - Red Oak

traditional flooring Hardwood

The appearance of wood determines its “grade”. All grades are equally strong and serviceable, but each creates an entirely different look.

Select and Better – Select Wood is almost clear, and may contain natural characteristics such as small knots and color variations. This is often because of these natural features and the character they bring to the room.

Common Wood has more natural characteristics such as larger knots and color variations. Because of these natural features, it brings character to any room.

1 Common/Exclusive – Has a variegated appearance, light and dark colors, knots, flags, and “wormholes”.

2 Common/Traditional – Is rustic in appearance and emphasizes all wood characteristics of the species.

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