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Hardwood Floor Installation

Hardwood Floor Installation in Connecticut

Patrick Daigle Hardwood Flooring is a family business in Connecticut that offers a high quality hardwood floor installation performed by a professional crew.  We respect your home and property as if it were our own.  We will turn your vision into reality by installing your hardwood flooring with your comfort in mind with minimal interruption.  Each hardwood board consists of a single piece of natural wood which has been machine cut, then carefully dried.  Depending on the type of wood you choose, you then can select either a natural or prefinished face.

Unfinished Hardwood Floor Installation

Unfinished hardwood flooring is raw wood delivered to your house, installed, sanded and finished.  The advantage of unfinished flooring is that this becomes a custom floor.  While we are installing an unfinished hardwood floor, unfortunately, you will be unable to use those areas of your house.  You can then have the floors stained whatever color you want and the transition areas next to other rooms in the house can be custom made for a much smoother transition.

Prefinished Floors

Today prefinished hardwood floors are becoming more popular.  The prices are comparable to the cost of unfinished floors.  The advantage of prefinished flooring is that you can achieve a perfect finish because it is produced in a dust free atmosphere.  Another advantage is after the floor is installed, it can be immediately walked on.  Some disadvantages are they have a small v-groove between the boards and transition strips adjacent to other floors are premanufactured stock items and do not allow for smooth transitions.  Installation marks are common during the process of installing a prefinished floor.


Laminate flooring is a popular choice among many of our clients because it looks good, it is easy to care for, and it can put up with a lot more abuse than the more delicate hardwood flooring.  If you have heavy foot traffic, you may want to consider laminate flooring as an alternative to hardwood flooring.  When it comes to installing laminate flooring, the process is quicker than that of wood floor installation.  In areas of high traffic, it is advisable to install under floor cushioning and sound barriers to minimize noise and maximize comfort.  The cushioning under the floor also increases energy efficiency as it will keep more heat in the room.

We Can Fix Your Hardwood Floors

There are a number of options available to bring your flooring back to its former glory.  Our team of professionals will provide you with honest, friendly advice on the type of repair for the best results.


Moving furniture around while decorating your home will often reveal holes and marks in your floor.  In many cases, a simple patching job is a fast, clean way to fix any issues without the expense of a whole new floor.  Our experts will conduct a series of checks to determine what species and grade of wood to use before carefully installing the new patch and ensuring a smooth finish.

Missing/Damaged Floorboards

Accidents and general wear and tear lead to damage of only one or two footboards.  It is unnecessary to install a whole new floor when all you will need is a replacement board.  We will test to determine which species, thickness and grade of wood to use and ensure the subfloor is strong enough to support your new boards.  When we are done, we will refinish the whole floor.

Water Damage Repairs

Water damage on floors lead to buckling and warping.  Our professionals will assess the level of damage to determine the most appropriate steps for repair.  These can be replacement patches to a whole new floor.  We will give you our honest opinion on how to deal with the problem of water damage in the most cost effective way.

Wood vs. Carpet

Check out this blog post for more info: Top 4 Reasons to Replace Carpet with Hardwood!

Do you think carpeting is more economical?  Actually, carpeting lasts between seven and ten years under normal residential use.  Hardwood floors can last a lifetime and are always in style.  At that rate, hardwood flooring actually costs less than the cumulative cost of all the carpeting you would have to install.  Another point to consider is the cleanliness of your home.  Hardwood flooring is simply cleaner.  If it is dirty, it is visible to the eye, not hidden in carpet fibers.  Hardwood floor installation is your best bet and a better investment.

Hardwood Flooring Installan CT

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