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Bring Natural Beauty Back to Your Home

There is simply no denying the natural beauty that comes along with installing hardwood flooring. Dating back to the interior design of medieval castles in Europe, hardwood flooring has consistently been a popular trend in the home for centuries. For

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The Winter Months and Hardwood Floors

Nearly every floor endures some separation between boards. In winter, when homes are heated and the air is dry, wood flooring gives up some of its moisture and therefore shrinks. When that happens, thin cracks appear between. This is normal,

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Top 12 Hardwood Trends for 2016: (#12)

Site Finished Solid Hardwood Here in Connecticut, there is a strong preference for solid and site finished hardwood. Most homes here have hardwood already, so this is the look customers are accustomed to, especially mid to higher end customers. Pre-finished

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Top 12 Hardwood Trends for 2016: (#11)

Hardwood in kitchens (and everywhere on main floor) Hardwood continues grow in popularity for kitchen floors, especially as open concept floor plans are on the rise. Hardwood has surpassed tile as the preferred surface, especially here in the Manchester and Hartford

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Top 12 Hardwood Trends for 2016: (#10)

Shift Towards White Oak (rather than red oak) Oak accounts for approximately 80% of hardwood flooring in the US. While red oak comprises the majority of this wood (as red oak is more abundant than white oak), more and more

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Top 12 Hardwood Trends for 2016: (#9)

American Grown and Made While there had already been an underlying trend to buy hardwood grown in the USA both to support our own economy and the trends towards darker colored woods (which works better with wood grown in the

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Top 12 Hardwood Trends for 2016: (#8)

Simple, Sustainable and Natural looking First, I’m seeing a trend towards simplicity and keeping the same flooring throughout the home in virtually all areas – same wood, same color ….including kitchens and entryways (see below for more info on hardwood

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