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Bring Natural Beauty Back to Your Home

There is simply no denying the natural beauty that comes along with installing hardwood flooring. Dating back to the interior design of medieval castles in Europe, hardwood flooring has consistently been a popular trend in the home for centuries. For

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COME & VIEW OUR NEW SHOWROOM FOR 2016 Be prepared to be delighted and don’t be surprised if you find yourself smiling. The great atmosphere is infectious! A visit to the Patrick Daigle Hardwood Flooring showroom is a one stop

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Hardwood Flooring Sanding

Radiant Heat Under Your Wood Floors

There are a number of different ways for you to heat your home, and radiant heat is one of them. Rather than forcing heat out through small vents placed around a room, you can allow heat to radiate through the

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The Downsides to Dark Hardwood Flooring

Why Color Choice Matters When choosing hardwood flooring, one of the first considerations for many people is color. The color choice often depends on your taste, the d?cor of your home and the tone you want to set for the

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