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Our Most Challenging Sanding Job EVER!

Most Challenging Sanding Job

When I say that this was the most challenging sanding job we have ever completed, I am not over exaggerating!  The amount of sand paper that was necessary to remove the old oiled finish was more than what we would use for months on multiple homes! Keep reading to see the process and final results.


Not only did we use a lot of paper to remove the old finish, the old oil would rise to the surface of the wood after the first sanding cuts causing us to make multiple passes on the entire floor. In the pictures below, you can see the already sanded section of floor and the oil resurfacing after only a few minutes!


In total, we used over 50 sheets of paper for one job!  Typically we will use 2-3 sheets per job.  The oil would clog the sand paper very quickly causing it to be unusable any further.  It would begin just gliding across the floor instead of sanding.

Even though this was our most challenging sanding job ever, this home came out great! The owners were absolutely ecstatic about the final outcome!  Thank you for choosing our family!


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