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When and When NOT to Use Painters Tape on Wood Floors

When and When NOT to Use Painters Tape on Wood Floors


Don’t Use Tape on Wood Floors

It’s a sad tale that we hear all too often. “I thought using blue painter’s tape would be safe for my wood floors . . . “ The result is frequently what you see in this photo. When the tape is removed, the finish is peeled off. Suddenly you’ve got a racing stripe down the middle of your dining room!

So how should you or your painter protect a wood floor while work is being done? Read on!

Tape Only Paper to Paper or Paper to Trim!

When work is being done in any room with a wood floor it’s essential to put down rosin paper, a fabric tarp, or other substantial protective barrier. Not only will the barrier capture drips, it will also help to protect the floor against dirt and grit that can scratch a finish.  Don’t let a painting contractor begin work in your home unless they’ve covered the entire floor.  If they tell you that they’ll move a tarp along as they paint, tell them, “no way!”

Top flooring professionals know, however, that you never tape rosin paper or tarps down to a wood floor. The industry rule is to tape only paper-to-paper or paper-to-trim. It’s the best way to insure that tape won’t pull the finish or leave a residue behind.

How Can Tape Ruin The Finish Of My Floor?

There are a number of ways that tape can harm your floor. First, when the bond between the finish and floor are weakened because of age and wear, even a mild adhesive can peel up flakes or patches of the coating, requiring spot or complete refinishing.

Second, and perhaps more frequently, a poor-quality tape will leave behind an adhesive residue that is a magnet for dirt and grit. This can lead to scratches and the premature wear of the floor’s coating.


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